World Trade


  • The World Trade system lets you trade with other servers.
  • Items registered in the World Trade system cannot be used.

Selling Items

  • You can put items up for sale in [My Trades] - [Register for sale] window.
  • The conditions for registering items for sale are as follows:
Max number of lots Min price Max number of items in a lot Fee
10 20 L-Coins 1 100% of sale price
  • When registering an item for sale you have to pay a fee equal to 100% of the sale price. If registration time has expired or the lot has been cancelled, sale fee is not refunded.
  • The maximum number of lots includes not only items for sale, but also already sold and expired items.
Example: You have 6 items for sale, 3 sold items and 1 expired item. It makes 10 lots in total, so you cannot put new items for sale before receiving the payment for the sold items and/or retrieving the expired ones.
  • You cannot set the number of items when putting them up for sale. There can be only 1 item in each lot.

Sale Period and Fees

Sale period Sale fee Time to retrieve payment Time to retrieve items
14 days 5% 120 days 120 days
  • When an item is sold, you can check how much money you get for it in the [My Trade] - [Cashier] window. There you can also retrieve the payment, but keep in mind that 5% of that sum will be withheld as a fee.
Example: If an item has been sold for 70 L-Coins, you get 67 L-Coins, as 3 L-Coins are withheld as a fee.
  • You can retrieve items that have not been sold in 14 days from the Cashier. You have 120 days to do it, after that items cannot be retrieved anymore.
  • You can receive the payment for a sold item for 120 days. After that, the money cannot be received anymore.
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