Random Craft

General Info

  • Random Craft allows characters to create various items: weapons, armor, Enchant scrolls, epic accessories and other items.
  • Random Craft is available to all classes.
  • Random Craft doesn’t require special recipes, just adena and craft points.
  • Random Craft bar can be found in the extra panel under the map.
  • Random Craft/material exchange window can be opened by pressing on the appropriate button on the extra panel under the map.
  • Craft points are added automatically when you pick up raw materials, dropped by monsters, or disassemble items.
    • You can take apart various items, for example, materials, weapons and armor, including enchanted items.
  • When the bar is 100% filled, you get 1 Craft point.
  • You can have a maximum of 99 Craft points, points above that won’t be counted.
  • When you have at least 1 Craft point and 10,000 adena you can update Random Craft list.
  • If you update the list right after getting at least 1 Craft point, you character will receive
    Sayha's Blessing — 2 pcs., when updating the list without getting Craft points, Sayha's Blessing is not received.
  • The Random Craft window shows 5 random items in slots.
  • Random Craft consumes 500,000 adena, and the character can receive 1 out of 5 items from the list. The probability is the same for all items.
  • Using L-Coins, you can lock up to 3 Craft slots. A locked Craft slot stays the same when the list is updated, but it doesn’t affect the probability of it being crafted.
  • A locked Craft slot stays the same a certain amount of times, and the lock can’t be undone.
  • Random Craft also allows to exchange Craft points and adena for materials required for crafting of items.

Random Craft process

  • Before you use Random Craft for the first time, the item list is empty, you have to press the “Update List” button for the items to appear.
  • Updating the list requires Craft points, which can be received by filling up Random Craft bar using various items. Refilliing is available via the button in the Random Craft window or in the additional information under the mini-map.
    • Different items add different amounts of percents to the Random Craft bar, the progress is displayed in a form of a bar and point counter.
    • Maximum amount of Craft points is 99; everything above that won’t be counted and will be lost.
    • Bar refilling requires a certain amount of adena, the price is displayed in the “Charge Fee” graph.
  • Some items can’t be used for bar refilling, for example, any Spiritshots and Soulshots, Fishing Shots, agathions, talismans, bracelets.

  • When you have at least one Craft point, you can update the Random Craft list.
    • Random Craft list update will consume 1 Craft point and 10,000 adena.
    • On update of the list, you’ll receive Sayha's Blessing (2 pcs.).
  • After the list is updated, there’ll be 5 random items and the “Create” button will become available.
    • The list can contain identical items in different slots.
    • The probability of crafting is the same for all items.
  • You can lock up to 3 item slots using L-Coins, meaning that they won’t change when the list is updated.
    • The first lock - L-Coin — 100 pcs., the second lock - L-Coin — 500 pcs., the third lock - L-Coin — 1,000 pcs.
    • A locked slot can’t be unlocked, it will stay locked for 20 updates of the list (the amount of updates left is displayed above the lock), then it will break and you won’t be able to lock it again.
    • After a lock is broken, the item slot will have a “broken” lock until you press the “Create” button.
    • Locks don’t affect the probability of item creation.
    • All locks disappear after the “Create” button is pressed.

  • After the “Create” button is pressed, you will be charged a fee of 500,000 adena, and a random item from the list will be created.
    • Random Craft is always successful, one item from the list of five is always created.
    • After that, all items will disappear from the list, not just the crafted one.
    • A new use of Random Craft requires the list to be updated again.

  • The list of items can contain specific items as as well as unknown items indicated by a question mark and purple border. An unknown item can be a helmet, armor, boots, gloves and an accessory. If you manage to create such item, you’ll receive an unsealed item of that type of A-grade or B-grade.

  • Items of different grades are displayed with different backgrounds:
    • D-grade and C-grade items have a normal background.
    • B-grade items have a yellow background.
    • A-grade items, brooches and bracelets have a blue background.
    • Epic accessories, special armor have a red background.

Exchange of materials

  • Random Craft, as well as creating random items, also allows to exchange Craft points and adena for materials required for crafting of items by Dwarven characters.
  • Exchange of materials is available through the “Materials” button in the info window under the mini-map.
  • Exchange of materials doesn’t require recipes or supplies.
  • The fee for exchange of materials is 1 Craft point and 50,000 adena.
  • All materials are created in batches of a 1000 pcs.
  • There are several types of materials that can be created:
Material Required for crafting of items
Metallograph Heavy Armor
Leather Light Armor
Cloth Magic Armor
Varnish Accessories
Wood Spear weapons, two-handed swords, two-handed blunt weapons, bows
Metal Ingot One-handed swords, one-handed blunt weapons, dagger, dual swords, fist weapon

Random Craft charge bar refill

  • Monsters and Raid Bosses sometimes drop raw materials. Items of that type go directly towards Random Craft charge: items aren’t placed in the inventory, but automatically and immediatelly fill up Random Craft charge bar.
  • Raw materials can exist for 10 minutes.
  • Different raw materials contribute a different amount of percents towards Random Craft charge, the following items can be acquired by all characters:
    • Craft points gained from raw materials fill Random Craft charge for specific amounts of percents.
Item Amount of Craft points
Material: Lump of Wood Craft points +100
Material: Pack of Knickknacks Craft points +500
Material: Rags Craft points +1000
Material: Leather Scraps Craft points +3000
Material: Plain Fabric Craft points +5000
Material: Unknown Metal Craft points +10,000
Thons Craft points +10,000
Material: Sack Shreds Craft points +30,000
Material: Bag of Low-grade Stuff Craft points +50,000
Material: Animal Spirit Craft points +100,000
Asofe Craft points +100,000
Material: Metal Ingot Craft points +300,000
Material: Blacksmith's Power Craft points +500,000
Enria Craft points +500,000
Material: Blacksmith's High-grade Power Craft points +1,000,000
Stone of Purity + 100% to the Random Craft bar
  • When level 65-80 Raid Bosses are defeated, the Command Channel might find an NPC Chest of Vengeance, which drops a lot of raw materials for Random Craft charge when destroyed.
    • The higher the Raid Boss, the more raw materials a Chest of Vengeance will drop.
    • Raw materials can be picked up by any character.
    • Chest of Vengeance can drop the following raw materials: Material: Leather Scraps, Material: Plain Fabric, Material: Unknown Metal, Material: Sack Shreds, Material: Bag of Low-grade Stuff, Material: Animal Spirit.
  • The following raw materials can be acquired through spoils.
    • Craft points gained from raw materials fill Random Craft charge for specific amounts of percents.
Item Amount of Craft points
Old Resources Craft points +100
Unknown Resources Craft points +500
Shining Resources Craft points +1000
High-grade Resources Craft points +5000
Thons Craft points +10,000
Asofe Craft points +100,000
Enria Craft points +500,000
  • Item Charging Stone of Random Craft - 1 Charge, that gives 1 Craft point (+100% to the bar), can be received by participating in various events, doing Daily missions, and found in Orc King's Treasure.

Items that can be crafted


Halberd, Crimson Sword, Durendal, Innominate Victory, White Lightning, Bec de Corbin, Bich'Hwa, Scythe, Military Fleuret, Battle Hammer, Dwarven War Hammer, Battle Axe, Divine Tome, Great Pata, Great Pata (Sealed), Grand Épée, Great Sword, Big Hammer, Atuba Mace, Mace of Miracle, Mace of Prayer, Mace of Judgment, Mace of Underworld, Yaksa Mace, Yaksa Mace (Sealed), Naga's Storm, Branch of the Mother Tree, Branch of Life, Immortal Edge, Military Talwar, Gastraphetes, Pike, Dwarven Pike, Eye of Infinity, Spiritual Eye, Glaive, Orcish Glaive, Tallum Glaive, Éclair Bijou, Undertaker, Stormbringer, Baium's Thunder Breaker, Maingauche, Damascus Sword, Two-handed Sword, Great Axe, Single-Edged Jamadhr, Épée, Estoc, Soldat Estoc, Longbow, Akat Longbow, Dark Elven Longbow, Samurai Long Sword, Samurai Long Sword (Sealed), Samurai Long Sword*Samurai Long Sword, Elven Long Sword, Proof of Revenge, Ancient Reagent, Club of Nature, Soul Separator, Stick of Faith, Stick of Eternity, Star Buster, Grace Dagger, Temptation of Abyss, Blinzlasher, Queen Ant's Stone Breaker, Fisted Blade, Katana, Katana*Katana (Sealed), Katana*Katana, Katzbalger, Keshanberk, Keshanberk*Damascus, Demon's Dagger, Dagger of Mana, Dark Elven Dagger, Dark Screamer, Scalpel, Claymore, Berserker Blade (Sealed), Sirra's Blade, Tallum Blade, Tallum Blade*Damascus, Saber Tooth, Saber Tooth (Sealed), Needle Wolverine, Demon's Fangs, Tome of Blood, Crafted Dagger, Arthro Nail, Bagh-Nakh, Colichemarde, Tiphon's Spear, Soulfire Dirk, Kaim Vanul's Bones, Bonebreaker, Bone Staff, Kris, Daimon Crystal, Crystal Dagger, Crystal Dagger (Sealed), Crystal Staff, Bloody Orchid, Crucifix of Blood, Carnage Bow, Zaken's Blood Sword, Blood Tornado, Sage's Blood, Body Slasher, Doom Crusher, Winged Spear, Work Hammer, Kukuri, Sword of Miracles, Light Bow, Crystallized Ice Bow, Eminence Bow, Eminence Bow (Sealed), Elemental Bow, Dark Elven Bow, Bow of Peril, Shyeed's Bow, Infernal Master, Meteor Shower, Sword of Valhalla, Homunkulus' Sword, Spirit Sword, Sword of Delusion, Sword of Ipos, Sword of Nightmare, Sword of Magic, Sword of Mystic, Raid Sword, Sword of Occult, Field Sword, Sword of Revolution, Artisan's Sword, Ultimate Sword, Knight's Sword, Elemental Sword, Guardian's Sword, Sword of Whispering Death, Elven Sword, Mithril Dagger, Atuba Hammer, Ice Storm Hammer, Pa'agrio Hammer, Destroyer Hammer, Doom Hammer, War Pick, Morning Star, Twilight Knife, Assassin Knife, Conjurer's Knife, Mystic Knife, Shilen Knife, Fleuret, Pata, Lance, Core's Plasmic Bow, Dragon Grinder, Bastard Sword, Ghoul's Staff, Dasparion's Staff, Demon's Staff (Sealed), Demon's Staff, Spirit's Staff, Staff of Life, Conjuror's Staff, Staff of Evil Spirits, Inferno Staff, Staff of Magic, Staff of Mana, Deadman's Staff, Mystic Staff, Sage's Staff, Paradia Staff, Ghost Staff, Cursed Maingauche, Cursed Dagger, Cursed Staff, Soul Bow, Lacerator, Flaming Dragon Skull, Rapier Chevalier, Spell Breaker, Dismantler, Horn of Glory, Goat Head Staff, Cabrio's Hand, Saber, Scroll of Wisdom, Divine Pain, Poleaxe, Orcish Poleaxe (Sealed), Orcish Poleaxe, Widow Maker, Silver Axe, Blue Crystal Skull, Vajra Wand, Scorpion, Wizard's Tear, Stiletto, Talwar, Tarbar, Dark Legion's Edge, Hand Axe, Tomahawk, Barakiel's Axe, War Axe, Ecliptic Axe (Sealed), Art of Battle Axe, Deadman's Glory, Nirvana Axe, Pa'agrio Axe, Trident, Dwarven Trident, Behemoth' Tuning Fork, Triple-Edged Jamadhr, Poniard Dagger, Heavy Mace, Heavy Bone Club, Heavy Doom Hammer, Heavy War Axe, Heavy Doom Axe, Dragon Slayer, Sobekk's Hurricane, Reinforced Longbow, Reinforced Bow, Flamberge, Spinebone Sword, Bellion Cestus, Tsurugi, Chakram, Skull Graver, Skull Breaker, Shamshir, Spiked Club, Scallop Jamadhr, Schlager, Caliburs, Elysian, Noble Elven Bow, Elven Bow, Admiral's Estoc, Admiral's Estoc (Sealed), Orfen's Venom Sword, Themis' Tongue.


Adamantite Boots, Aspis, Crimson Boots, Tower Shield, White Tunic, Blessed Gloves, Great Helmet, Bronze Helmet, Bronze Shield, Blue Buckskin Boots, Avadon Circlet (Light Armor), Avadon Circlet (Robe), Avadon Circlet (Heavy Armor), Majestic Circlet (Light Armor), Majestic Circlet (Robe), Majestic Circlet (Heavy Armor), Rind Leather Armor, Armor of Nightmare, Iron Plate Gaiters, Iron Boots, Breastplate, Avadon Breastplate, Zubei's Breastplate, Dark Crystal Breastplate, Ice Crystal Breastplate, Blue Wolf Breastplate, Zubei's Leather Shirt, Leather Leggings of Lightning, Zubei's Leather Gaiters, Theca Leather Gaiters, Drake Leather Gloves, Drake Leather Gloves (Sealed), Theca Leather Gloves, Leather Gauntlets, Drake Leather Boots (Sealed), Drake Leather Boots, Theca Leather Boots, Avadon Leather Armor, Majestic Leather Armor, Drake Leather Armor, Drake Leather Armor (Sealed), Leather Armor of Nightmare, Dark Crystal Leather Armor, Leather Armor of Lightning, Doom Leather Armor, Blue Wolf Leather Armor, Tallum Leather Armor, Theca Leather Armor, Ring Breastplate, Chain Mail Shirt, Dwarven Chain Mail Shirt, Chain Gaiters, Dwarven Chain Gaiters, Chain Gloves, Dwarven Chain Gloves, Chain Boots, Dwarven Chain Boots, Chain Hood, Chain Sigil (Sealed), Chain Helmet, Chain Shield, Dwarven Chain Shield, Compound Boots, Compound Armor, Compound Helmet, Compound Shield, Bone Helmet, Plated Leather Gaiters, Plated Leather Gloves, Plated Leather Boots, Plate Gaiters, Plate Boots, Majestic Plate Armor, Doom Plate Armor, Tallum Plate Armor, Plated Leather Armor, Plate Helmet, Plate Shield, Avadon Robe, Majestic Robe, Robe of Nightmare, Dark Crystal Robe, Robe of Seal, Mithril Breastplate, Mithril Tunic, Elven Mithril Tunic, Mithril Gaiters, Elven Mithril Gloves, Mithril Gauntlets, Elven Mithril Boots, Mithril Scale Gaiters, Mithril Stockings, Mithril Stockings Elf, Mithril Helmet, Avadon Gaiters, Zubei's Gaiters, Rind Leather Gaiters, Lion Skin Gaiters, Manticore Skin Gaiters, Puma Skin Gaiters, Dark Crystal Gaiters, Ice Crystal Gaiters, Blue Wolf Gaiters, Sage's Rags, Brigandine Gaiters, Brigandine Gauntlets, Brigandine Boots, Brigandine Helmet, Brigandine Shield, Brigandine, Avadon Gloves (Light Armor), Avadon Gloves (Robe), Avadon Gloves (Heavy Armor), Gloves of Silence, Quality Leather Gloves, Demon's Gloves, Gloves of Knowledge, Rind Leather Gloves, Manticore Skin Gloves, Karmian Gloves, Karmian Gloves (Sealed), Dark Crystal Gloves (Light Armor), Dark Crystal Gloves (Robe), Dark Crystal Gloves (Heavy Armor), Gloves of Seal, Doom Gloves (Light Armor), Doom Gloves (Robe), Doom Gloves (Heavy Armor), Divine Gloves, Blue Wolf Gloves (Light Armor), Blue Wolf Gloves (Robe), Blue Wolf Gloves (Heavy Armor), Tallum Gloves (Light Armor), Tallum Gloves (Robe), Tallum Gloves (Heavy Armor), Full Plate Gauntlets, Full Plate Gauntlets (Sealed), Full Plate Boots (Sealed), Full Plate Boots, Full Plate Armor (Sealed), Full Plate Armor, Full Plate Helmet, Full Plate Helmet (Sealed), Full Plate Shield, Half Plate Armor, Dark Crystal Leggings, Sage's Worn Gloves, Cursed Tunic, Cursed Stockings, Square Shield, Rip Gauntlets, Lion Skin Shirt, Manticore Skin Shirt, Puma Skin Shirt, Gauntlets, Majestic Gauntlets (Light Armor), Majestic Gauntlets (Robe), Majestic Gauntlets (Heavy Armor), Zubei's Gauntlets (Light Armor), Zubei's Gauntlets (Robe), Zubei's Gauntlets (Heavy Armor), Gauntlets of Nightmare (Light Armor), Gauntlets of Nightmare (Robe), Gauntlets of Nightmare (Heavy Armor), Ogre Power Gauntlets, Gauntlets of Ghost, Avadon Boots (Light Armor), Avadon Boots (Robe), Avadon Boots (Heavy Armor), Divine Boots, Majestic Boots (Light Armor), Majestic Boots (Robe), Majestic Boots (Heavy Armor), Demon's Boots, Boots of Knowledge, Zubei's Boots (Light Armor), Zubei's Boots (Robe), Zubei's Boots (Heavy Armor), Rind Leather Boots, Salamander Skin Boots, Manticore Skin Boots, Karmian Boots (Sealed), Karmian Boots, Boots of Nightmare (Light Armor), Boots of Nightmare (Robe), Boots of Nightmare (Heavy Armor), Dark Crystal Boots (Light Armor), Dark Crystal Boots (Robe), Dark Crystal Boots (Heavy Armor), Boots of Seal, Doom Boots (Light Armor), Doom Boots (Robe), Doom Boots (Heavy Armor), Boots of Strength, Blue Wolf Boots (Light Armor), Blue Wolf Boots (Robe), Blue Wolf Boots (Heavy Armor), Tallum Boots (Light Armor), Tallum Boots (Robe), Tallum Boots (Heavy Armor), Boots of Evasion, Shining Circlet, Majestic Sigil, Majestic Sigil (Sealed), Compound Scale Mail, Compound Scale Gaiters, Steel Plate Helmet, Dark Stockings, Kite Shield, Demon's Tunic, Tunic of Knowledge, Tunic of Zubei, Karmian Tunic (Sealed), Karmian Tunic, Wizard Tunic, Flaming Tunic, Doom Tunic, Divine Tunic, Blue Wolf Tunic, Tallum Tunic, Elven Tunic, Reinforced Leather Shirt, Reinforced Mithril Shirt, Reinforced Leather Gaiters, Reinforced Leather Gloves, Reinforced Leather Boots, Reinforced Mithril Gaiters, Reinforced Mithril Gloves, Reinforced Mithril Boots, Mithril Banded Mail, Mithril Banded Gaiters, Hoplon, Scale Mail, Dwarven Scale Mail, Scale Gaiters, Dwarven Scale Gaiters, Helmet, Zubei's Helmet (Light Armor), Zubei's Helmet (Robe), Zubei's Helmet (Heavy Armor), Helm of Nightmare (Light Armor), Helm of Nightmare (Robe), Helm of Nightmare (Heavy Armor), Dark Crystal Helmet (Light Armor), Dark Crystal Helmet (Robe), Dark Crystal Helmet (Heavy Armor), Doom Helmet (Light Armor), Doom Helmet (Robe), Doom Helmet (Heavy Armor), Blue Wolf Helmet (Light Armor), Blue Wolf Helmet (Robe), Blue Wolf Helmet (Heavy Armor), Tallum Helmet (Light Armor), Tallum Helmet (Robe), Tallum Helmet (Heavy Armor), Demon's Stockings, Stockings of Knowledge, Stockings of Zubei, Karmian Stockings, Karmian Stockings (Sealed), Helmet of Mana, Wizard Stockings, Flaming Stockings, Doom Stockings, Divine Stockings, Blue Wolf Stockings, Tallum Stockings, Elven Stockings, Assault Boots, Avadon Shield, Zubei's Shield, Shield of Nightmare, Dark Crystal Shield, Doom Shield, Knight's Shield, Eldarake.


Adamantite Earring, Adamantite Ring, Adamantite Necklace, Aquastone Ring, Aquastone Necklace, Brooch Lv. 3, Talisman Bracelet Lv. 3, Agathion Bracelet Lv. 3, Earring of Magic, Ring of Magic, Magic Necklace, Baium's Ring, Majestic Ring, Ring of Protection, Black Pearl Ring, Queen Ant's Ring, Ring of Seal, Ring of Devotion, Blessed Ring, Phoenix Ring, Elven Ring, Ring of Ages, Ring of Core, Mithril Ring, Majestic Necklace, Necklace of Protection, Necklace of Mermaid, Necklace of Seal, Near Forest Necklace, Necklace of Devotion, Blessed Necklace, Dark Necklace, Phoenix Necklace, Elven Necklace, Red Crescent, Majestic Earring, Zaken's Earring, Earring of Protection, Moonstone Earring, Nassen's Earring, Onyx Beast's Eye Earring, Orfen's Earring, Earring of Seal, Holy Earring, Phoenix Earring, Elven Earring, Talisman of Baium, Tiger's Eye, Black Ore Earring, Black Ore Ring, Black Ore Necklace.


HP Potion (Exchangeable) — 10000 pcs., Wind Spirit Evolution Stone, Water Spirit Evolution Stone, Earth Spirit Evolution Stone, Fire Spirit Evolution Stone, A-grade Armor Coupon, Special Armor Coupon, Soulshot Ticket  — 100 pcs., Enchanted B-grade Weapon Coupon, Enchanted C-grade Weapon Coupon, Enchanted B-grade Armor Coupon, A-grade Weapon Coupon, Cursed Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor (Exchangeable), Cursed Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon (Exchangeable), Dual Sword Crafting Stamp, Spirit Ore  — 1500 pcs., XP Growth Scroll  — 10 pcs., Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor (Exchangeable), Scroll: Enchant B-grade Armor (Exchangeable), Scroll: Enchant C-grade Armor (Exchangeable), Scroll: Enchant D-grade Armor (Exchangeable), Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon (Exchangeable), Scroll: Enchant B-grade Weapon (Exchangeable), Scroll: Enchant C-grade Weapon (Exchangeable), Scroll: Enchant D-grade Weapon (Exchangeable), Improved Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor (Exchangeable), Improved Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon (Exchangeable).


Armor Crafting (B-grade and higher), Gloves Crafting (B-grade and higher), Full Armor Crafting (B-grade and higher), Boots Crafting (B-grade and higher), +7 B-grade Weapon Crafting, Rare Accessory Lv. 1 Crafting, Random Enhanced Spiritual Eye Crafting, Random Enhanced Undertaker Crafting, Random Enhanced Armor of Nightmare Crafting, Random Enhanced Soul Separator Crafting, Random Enhanced Keshanberk*Damascus Crafting, Random Enhanced Tallum Blade Crafting, Random Enhanced Majestic Leather Armor Crafting, Random Enhanced Leather Armor of Nightmare Crafting, Random Enhanced Dark Crystal Leather Armor Crafting, Random Enhanced Tallum Leather Armor Crafting, Random Enhanced Carnage Bow Crafting, Random Enhanced Blood Tornado Crafting, Random Enhanced Doom Crusher Crafting, Random Enhanced Majestic Plate Armor Crafting, Random Enhanced Tallum Plate Armor Crafting, Random Enhanced Sword of Miracles Crafting, Random Enhanced Infernal Master Crafting, Random Enhanced Meteor Shower Crafting, Random Enhanced Elemental Sword Crafting, Random Enhanced Destroyer Hammer Crafting, Random Enhanced Dasparion's Staff Crafting, Random Enhanced Soul Bow Crafting, Random Enhanced Lacerator Crafting, Random Enhanced Flaming Dragon Skull Crafting, Random Enhanced Dark Legion's Edge Crafting, Random Enhanced Dragon Slayer Crafting, Random Enhanced Helm of Nightmare Crafting (Heavy), Random Enhanced Helm of Nightmare Crafting (Light), Random Enhanced Helm of Nightmare Crafting (Robe), Random Enhanced Dark Crystal Helmet Crafting (Heavy), Random Enhanced Dark Crystal Helmet Crafting (Light), Random Enhanced Dark Crystal Helmet Crafting (Robe), Random Enhanced Tallum Helmet Crafting (Heavy), Random Enhanced Tallum Helmet Crafting (Light), Random Enhanced Tallum Helmet Crafting (Robe), Random Enhanced Elysian Crafting, Random Enhanced Halberd Crafting, Random Enhanced White Lightning Crafting, Random Enhanced Branch of the Mother Tree Crafting, Random Enhanced Tallum Glaive Crafting, Random Enhanced Majestic Circlet Crafting (Heavy), Random Enhanced Majestic Circlet Crafting (Light), Random Enhanced Majestic Circlet Crafting (Robe), Random Enhanced Dark Crystal Breastplate Crafting, Random Enhanced Bloody Orchid Crafting, Random Enhanced Majestic Robe Crafting, Random Enhanced Robe of Nightmare Crafting, Random Enhanced Dark Crystal Robe Crafting, Random Enhanced Dragon Grinder Crafting, Random Enhanced Divine Pain Crafting, Random Enhanced Tallum Tunic Crafting, Random Enhanced Dark Crystal Gaiters Crafting, Random Enhanced Dark Crystal Gloves Crafting (Heavy), Random Enhanced Dark Crystal Gloves Crafting (Light), Random Enhanced Dark Crystal Gloves Crafting (Robe), Random Enhanced Tallum Gloves Crafting (Heavy), Random Enhanced Tallum Gloves Crafting (Light), Random Enhanced Tallum Gloves Crafting (Robe), Random Enhanced Dark Crystal Leggings Crafting, Random Enhanced Majestic Gauntlets Crafting (Heavy), Random Enhanced Majestic Gauntlets Crafting (Light), Random Enhanced Majestic Gauntlets Crafting (Robe), Random Enhanced Gauntlets of Nightmare Crafting (Heavy), Random Enhanced Gauntlets of Nightmare Crafting (Light), Random Enhanced Gauntlets of Nightmare Crafting (Robe), Random Enhanced Majestic Boots Crafting (Heavy), Random Enhanced Majestic Boots Crafting (Light), Random Enhanced Majestic Boots Crafting (Robe), Random Enhanced Boots of Nightmare Crafting (Heavy), Random Enhanced Boots of Nightmare Crafting (Light), Random Enhanced Boots of Nightmare Crafting (Robe), Random Enhanced Dark Crystal Boots Crafting (Heavy), Random Enhanced Dark Crystal Boots Crafting (Light), Random Enhanced Dark Crystal Boots Crafting (Robe), Random Enhanced Tallum Boots Crafting (Light), Random Enhanced Tallum Boots Crafting (Robe), Random Enhanced Tallum Boots Crafting (Heavy), Random Enhanced Tallum Stockings Crafting, +4 Talisman Crafting, B-grade (and higher) Helmet Crafting, Boss' Weapon Pack.
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