One of the most popular classes in Lineage II Classic, Dagger, uses a dagger as main weapon which has relatively low basic attack. However, its attack speed and crit. chance are high. Besides, Dagger can make half-kills and lethal strikes, when in one hit all amount or half of HP is taken (the amount of HP doesn’t matter). Daggers of different races have different specializations. For example, Plains Walker has better Crit. Chances, and Treasure Hunter has less Crit.hit but has deliver critical blows more often.

Attack speed Very high
Critical Chance High
Accuracy Low
Damage Low
Mastery Dagger Mastery
item grade P. Atk. M. Atk.
Kris B 153 102
Demon's Dagger B 170 111
Twilight Knife B 122 137
Demon's Dagger Sealed B 170 111
Kris Sealed B 153 102
Twilight Knife Sealed B 122 137
Deadman's Dagger B 122 137
Deadman's Dagger Sealed B 122 137
item grade P. Atk. M. Atk.
Angel Slayer S 246 151
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