We want to reward your knowledge of the game!


Who would have thought that in the year 2022 a lot of players are returning to Lineage 2?! Players that after taking a long break from the game want return to it feeling confident that they have the most up-to-date information in their disposal.

L2.Wiki already boasts a handful of useful guides. Unfortunately, with a game as content-rich as Lineage 2, they do not suffice. This is why we turn to you, our players. We need your help expanding the knowledge available on the wiki! As part of the promo, we will be rewarding active players who are not afraid to share their skill bar and buff list, their battlefield and Olympiad tactics and reveal the secrets for rapid character development for one or more classes on the Essence version of the game.

What we are looking for:

There is no limit to the format of articles or tutorials: you can share what is primarily of interest to you and what may be of interest to other players – the most important thing is that your material is useful.

Here are some guideliness for the format of the guides and their basic structure:

Complete Beginner's Guide

Complete Class Guide

It is necessary to tell the newcomer from the very first in-game minute how to develop their character easily and as optimally as possible; talk about all the features of the game version, share the secrets of fast farming and character development, enrichment; hint at the need to participate in the Olympiad, various instances, collecting rewards, etc.

Equipment, buff lists, PvP-inserts, Attributes, how to win in the Olympiad, on the battlefield, which Talismans to use – in general, a complete manual on your favourite class.

Once again: the guide or article can be about any topic related to our game. If you'd like to give a detailed account of a quest or instance, please do so. We're sure that your material will be in demand for years to come!

Requirements for guides:

  • All guides should be written solely on the basis of the game version.
  • Use screenshots, item and skill icons and videos;
  • Format the guide so that it is easy to read (use headings, subheadings, spoilers, highlights);
  • DO NOT copy anything from other websites;
  • Don't make a colouring book out of a guide (the unreasonable formatting in the centre, the use of an abundance of different colours and fonts only makes it harder to understand the information).


We will be rewarding the top-10 authors with $175 each.


We reserve the right to reduce the number of cash winners in the event that, by collective decision of the team, we are unable to identify 10 truly valuable guides. In case that the author of the article is banned at the time of the draw, they will not be able to receive the prize.

And something else:

  • The contest is subjective: each guide will be judged by the project team, paying attention to presentation, design and usefulness of the information;
  • We will not reward useless guides: those written hastily for the sole purpose of winning;
  • We will move our accepted guides to the guides section, payment is due at the end of the contest;
  • We can accept an unlimited number of guides from a player, as long as they meet our requirements.
  • By taking part in the competition and publishing the guide, the intellectual property rights are transferred to the L2.Wiki project and its users. If a user deletes their guide, the administration has every right to restore the information, as well as to use this information for any purpose and post it on other portals.
L2.Wiki is born.
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