Magic Lamp

General information

Magic Lamp — a system that allows characters to gain additional experience.

  • Information about the magic lamp: the level of filling the scale, as well as the "Start Game" button are on the sidebar.
  • The lamp scale fills when you kill monsters, for which the character gains experience. Experience gained from fishing and other sources does not affect the scale.
    • The accumulated number of percentages cannot be reduced in the case of a character's death.

  • When the scale is full, the character will receive the Magic Lamp and can press the "Start the Game" button to test his luck and get one of the rewards.

  • In the Magic Lamp window you can set the number of games - up to 300. The basic maximum number of magic lamps available is 300.
  • After reaching level 88, the character will automatically learn the following skills, which increase the maximum number of Magic Lamps:
  • In a game of luck can fall one of four possible reward options:
Reward Gaining Exp and SP
Red Lantern XP +100 000 000, SP +2 700 000
Purple Lantern XP +30 000 000, SP +810 000
Blue Lantern XP +10 000 000, SP +270 000
Green Lantern XP +5 000 000, SP +135 000
  • Characters at level 76 who have passed the 3rd profession change can choose the improved game option when playing for luck.
    • To activate the option, you need the Sayha's Blessing - 5 pieces and 10 charges of the Magic Lamp.
  • When you activate the enhanced game, the character will receive a High Quality Lantern:
Reward Gaining Exp and SP
High-grade Red Lantern XP +1 200 000 000, SP +32 400 000
High-grade Purple Lantern XP +360 000 000, SP +9 720 000
High-grade Blue Lantern XP +120 000 000, SP +3 240 000
High-grade Green Lantern XP +60 000 000, SP +1 620 000
  • After the game will be displayed, which rewards and how many received, as well as the total amount of experience and SP.
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