Transcendent Instance Zones


  • Transcendent instance zones are special areas where your skills become enhanced and you have to fight waves of monsters within the given time. You can teleport there through the Special Zones window by clicking the button on the side bar or in the main menu (Alt+X -> Special Hunting Zones).

  • The entry counter resets daily at 6:30 a.m. (server time).
    • The transcendent instance zones have a shared cooldown. If you've entered one of them, the rest become unavailable until the next day when their cooldown resets.
  • You have only 10 minutes to clear a transcendent instance zone. As soon as the time is up, you will be teleported outside.
    • There is no way to stop the zone timer or extend your stay time.
  • If you die in a transcendent instance zone, an XP death penalty is not applied.
    • You have only 3 minutes to go back if you've died in a transcendent instance zone and gone out of there.
    • Re-entry to the zone is free of charge.
  • Once inside, you meet NPC Grand Master. There are no monsters just yet.
  • Grand Master buffs you with Grand Master's Transcendent Blessing that empowers some of your skills. After that the timer (10 min.) starts ticking away as well as monsters start invading the area.
    • Once you are buffed, your main attack skills are empowered allowing you to damage several targets at once. Such skills are yellow-framed.
    • As soon as the buff disappears or you leave the area, your skills become common once again.
  • After you return from the zone, you can check your fight results: acquired XP, items and adena.
  • Chaotic characters don't recover their reputation while they are hunting monsters in transcendent instance zones.
  • Monsters' levels correspond to a zone level. The higher a zone level is, the better are the rewards.
  • In transcendent instance zones a Transcendent Guardian may appear:
Zone Monster
Sea of Spores Poison Guard
Cemetery Grave Warden
Plains of Glory Guard of Honor
War-Torn Plains Fierce Guard
Dragon Valley Dragon Warden
Sel Mahum Base Kura
  • Transcendent Guardians appear with a certain chance and can reappear after their death. As soon as they come to the battleground, a system message pops up. When you kill a guardian, you gain a lot of XP and SP.
  • There is a special quest that requires killing monsters in transcendent instance zones:
    Quest Quest giver Requirements Objective Rewards
    To Get Incredible Power High Priest Orven (Aden) Lv. 45+ Defeat 100 monsters in any transcendent instance zone. 20,000,000 XP
    540,000 SP
    Sayha's Gust (9 pcs.)

Transcendent Instance Zones

Name Level Number of characters Reset time Entrance fee
Sea of Spores 40-49 1 Daily at 6:30 a.m. 100 adena
Cemetery 50-59 1 Daily at 6:30 a.m. 1000 adena
Plains of Glory 60-69 1 Daily at 6:30 a.m. 10,000 adena
War-Torn Plains 70-79 1 Daily at 6:30 a.m. 100,000 adena
Dragon Valley 80-99 1 Daily at 6:30 a.m. 200,000 adena
Sel Mahum Base 85-99 1 Daily at 6:30 a.m. 500,000 adena
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