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We present, a project that has been in the works for a long time and has finally come to light today! will be a reliable source of information for Lineage II Essence, available in three languages: English, Russian and Korean. On our website you will find detailed information about every aspect of the game: classes, skills, items, characteristics and mechanics and much more. With the introduction of guides and tutorials, we plan to go further, providing comprehensive support to both new players and those returning to the game. Content will be updated continuously in order to provide you with the latest news and information to improve your gaming experience.

We want to form a prosperous and safe community for all Lineage II lovers. We have the possibility to provide a meeting space for players, where they can discuss about all-things Lineage II, and - why not - any topic they want!

Content creators are welcome to promote their streams and videos for maximum reach and group development as a community.

Available Languages







Multi-language support

All articles and information is available in English, Russian and Korean

Classes & Skills

Every Skill contains all information about it's effects and requirements to learn or use.

3D Viewer

All monsters and NPCs can be viewed in 3D

Drop chances

Display of drop chances for all monsters


The contents of as well as detailed information for extractable items are displayed

Enchant chances

Enchant chances of each Talisman and its bonus effects are available

Weapon and armor enchant bonuses

Enchant bonuses for each weapon and armor piece are available

Other Information

You can find any kind of information you need e.g.: skill & classes, locations & monsters, items, gameplay, mechanics, guides, etc.

L2.Wiki is born.
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